9th Annual Shred Event

9th Annual Shred Event

June 18th, 2021

On Thursday, June 17th, HighPoint Advisors hosted our 9th annual shred event! It was a perfect summer evening to be outside and enjoy each other’s company.

Similar to last year’s event, we set up the parking lot so that clients could pull their cars up near the shred truck. There was a tent and table at the edge of the lot for us to greet clients and hand out individually wrapped treats. Special thanks to That Crazy Cake Chick for making some phenomenally tasty custom cakesicles. We have a few left over (they freeze well), so if you happen to be in the office sometime soon, ask for one.

The advisors were available to help shred and chat with clients, and our staff helped clients with account updates such as going paperless, checking beneficiaries, and establishing trusted contacts. Darryl, who ran the the shred truck for us this year, explained to our guests what happens to the shredded paper. “It gets shipped securely to a local facility, where it is bailed, bleached, and sent to a local papermill to be recycled into everyday products like paper towels and tissues.” Apparently during the pandemic, recycled paper from Confidata was the number one source of toilet paper in the area!

Thank you to everyone who joined us! We look forward to seeing you (at what will hopefully be a return to our Cinco de Mayo themed event) next year!

AJ chats with clients


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