Income Planning

Comprehensive financial planning involves setting goals with an eye on the future. To help you manage your goals, we take the time to get to know you, not just your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. At HighPoint Advisors, LLC, we intend to build and nurture a close, long-term relationship to support you and all your financial aspirations.
Our talented financial advisors help you make financial decisions that aid you in the present and prepare you for the future. We do this by considering your current financial situation concerning your future goals and helping you create a financial plan that manages your unique set of needs.
Neglecting your investments can be devastating to your overall income planning goals. Once we help you make your initial investments, we periodically review them to help ensure they’re performing as expected and make changes in your portfolio if they’re not. It’s also essential to regularly review your investment strategy to confirm that you’re still comfortable with your level of risk and assess possible tax implications to manage them appropriately.
Ensuring you’re protecting your assets with the proper insurance should also be a vital part of your financial plan. Other vital considerations are disability insurance to help protect your income if you cannot work and a life insurance policy to provide income for your family should you pass away. Our financial advisors are well-equipped to assist you with choosing cost-effective insurance policies to protect your assets and future income without substantially affecting your current cash flow situation.

Budgeting For Major Developments

Whether you’re concerned about your financial health during significant life changes or how to pay for large unexpected purchases, sound income planning can help prepare you for whatever developments occur. You can plan for large purchases, such as a home or car, but costly investments, such as replacing a worn-out roof or HVAC system, can catch you by surprise. Consult with your financial advisor to assess how to manage these expenses appropriately, and we’ll guide you toward a solution that can work better for you. Major life changes, such as getting married and having a baby, also signal it’s time to reexamine your financial goals so you can work towards a bright future for your growing family.

Planning For Retirement

Often, income and retirement planning are used interchangeably, but retirement planning is an individual area of your overall income plan. However, your retirement is likely one of the most critical financial planning goals because coming up short on your retirement fund isn’t something you want to face in your golden years. You can’t have a healthy retirement plan without a solid financial plan. Our experienced advisors help you manage your current financial strategy so you can work towards saving and investing for your retirement goals.

Our Professional Financial Advisors

Income planning remains a cornerstone of our services at HighPoint Advisors, LLC. We understand how to help you take an objective look at your finances and create a comprehensive plan to address your financial future in the ways that matter most to you. Your financial advisor can put you at ease as you explore your options, even if it’s your first foray into financial planning. To experience the difference an experienced advisor can make, contact us at 315-627-0474 to begin working towards your financial goals.
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