Five Hacks for the Starbucks Lover On a Budget


The morning rush just isn’t the same without a latte, but hitting the Starbucks drive-thru every morning can start to add up. A few little changes can make a big difference in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you makeover your finances while still allowing you to enjoy your brew.

1. Try This Iced Latte Hack.

An iced latte is just a triple shot of espresso with milk and ice. You can save a dollar or more by ordering a triple shot of espresso over ice. Then you can add the milk yourself at the condiment station.

2. Share With a Friend

When you break down the cost-per-ounce of your favorite drink, it’s usually cheaper to buy the largest size. So the next time you and a friend want to grab a frappe, buy a “Venti” and split it into two cups. This way you both save.

3. Ask For a Short

This option isn’t on the menu, but at eight ounces, a “Short” is even smaller than a “Tall.” You’ll save a little at the register, but you won’t miss out on any caffeine. The two beverages contain the same amount of espresso.

4. Try a Misto

If you’re craving the flavor of your favorite coffee (or chai), but you don’t need quite the usual punch, try a “Misto,” or half milk version. It will have less caffeine, but it also costs a little less.

5. Brew It Yourself

To rack up the savings, buy Starbucks coffee from your local grocery store and brew it at home. For extra fresh taste, buy coffee beans and grind them yourself. Not the same without all the add-ins? You can buy all the extras: caramel and mocha syrups, soy milk, vanilla sprinkles —whatever you usually get. Top with some whipped cream to enjoy your favorite Starbucks brew at home while saving some extra money.

Photo Credit: Marco Paköeningrat

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